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Sprinkler Repair in Parkland, Washington

our Parkland sprinkler repair contractors can install micro spray headsOur Parkland sprinkler repair service can help you go green with your yard irrigation. Going green isn't just about using less water, it's about saving money, too!

The professionals at our Parkland sprinkler repair use the latest technology to deliver irrigation to your plants and lawn without wasting a single drop. Our custom designs use drip emitters and spray heads of all shapes and sizes to achieve an unparalleled green experience.

Watering is the very beginning of the service we offer. When your system is in place you'll be able to fertilize and chemically treat your lawn with liquid nutrients to keep everything looking green long into the fall.

Quality Drip Line Installation

this is a macro with a blue headed drip nozzleOur Parkland sprinkler repair team suggests installing a drip irrigation system to save yourself money!

A drip system will apply water directly to the root systems of your lawn and planting beds. It prevents overspray areas and wasted water because there is no chance of drips getting blown onto driveways and sidewalks.

You won't have puddles on your hardscape and you'll always get the nutrients delivered directly where they belong.

Fertigation and Chemigation

one of our Parkland WA sprinkler repair experts is installing a drip systemDrip irrigation systems make the application of chemicals and fertilizer far easier and more effective than the traditional pellet methods. You'll be saving both time and money while getting faster, more visible results.

Our experts will help you pick out the correct chemicals and fertilizers and the right dosage to give you the results you want.

In addition to fertigation and chemigation, we also use a system called hydrozoning. Hydrozoning is the process of planting trees, shrubs and plants that all need about the same amount of water together. This makes it easier to water all plants appropriately without wasting resources.

Our gardening experts will assist you in enhancing your lawn by choosing the best trees, shrubs and flowers for your individual lawn needs.

The best way to save on your irrigation bill is to know exactly how much water each variety of plant needs and give it only that much. Rain sensors are a great way to do this.

They will stop your system from running when nature has already provided enough water for the week. Also, our Parkland sprinkler repair techs can help you set a watering schedule that will optimize each plant's water retention and keep it looking its best.